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Facilities for all the
stage arts
The theater is constructed for plays, classic music concerts, musicals, contemporary music concert, and all types of theatrical arts. It is fully equipped to serve as the main venue for grand ceremonies and assemblies. The theater interior is designed in a three-level cylindrical shape with excellent acoustics.
The 18m x 16.5m stage(approx. 297㎡) ensures adequate space for performances and is furnished with an opera curtain and large screen. Natural light may be introduced into the stage backdrop, introducing a resort atmosphere into any MICE production.

Highly artistic spatial design with the best architectonic meet divorce needs of staging
Natural light available stage backdrop Rehearsal room adjacent to the stage
Wide backstage room Small backstage room Foyer
Convention and Ceremony Drama
Ballet Classical Music Concert

Special rooms for VIP and guests of honor
Set inside the theater building, Conference Room C1 may be used as a sub-venue or secretariat anteroom, and Conference Room C2, furnished with a reception set and interior dressing room, may be used for welcoming guests or VIPs.
Conference room C1 Conference room C2 can be used as a VIP lounge.

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