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Neighborhood Accommodations

Neighborhood Accommodations

*Room rates may change depending on season or day of the week. Please confirm before use.


沖縄プリンスホテル オーシャンビューぎのわん
Address 3-28-1, Mashiki, Ginowan, OKINAWA, 901-2224 Japan
Phone +81-98-898-1110
Guestroom capacity 340 guestrooms Maximum 876 guests
Room&Rate Superior Twin Room: one pax use from JPY 23,000, Two pax use room from JPY 32,000
Distance about 0.3 km(about 0.2 miles)
Remarks Newly opened in April 2022 All rooms are oceanview with terrace. All rooms are non-smoking.

Laguna Garden Hotel

Address 4-1-1 Mashiki, Ginowan
Phone +81-98-897-2121
Guestroom capacity 303 guestrooms, 961 guests
Room&Rate Standard Double Room, per guest: From JPY 20,790 Standard Twin Room, Per guest. From JPY 28,875
Distance about 0.4 Km

Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel & Residence

Address 558-8 Uchidomari, Ginowan
Phone +81-98-890-1110
Guestroom capacity 177 guestrooms, 440 guests
Room&Rate Deluxe Twin (47㎡): for two guests occupancy room per guest from JPY 14,700, One guest occupancy room per guest from JPY 25,200
Distance about 0.4 Km
Remarks All rooms are non smoking optimal, condo-style rooms with full kitchen for longer stays.


Address 3-5-1,Ohyama,Ginowan
Phone +81-98-898-7700
Guestroom capacity 82 Rooms・Maximum number 168
Room&Rate Single 1pax from JPY 7,500, Twn2pax from JPY 9,000
Distance about 2.3 km
Remarks A new hotel with excellent accessibility and location that combines good accessibility with the feeling of an extraordinary tropical resort, making it a new base for sightseeing in Okinawa. Within 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport, 45 minutes by bus 120. 5 minutes drive to the convention center. In addition, because it is directly connected to the main line No. 58, it is ideal not only for sightseeing in the north but also for sightseeing and business in the south.

The Beach Tower Hotel Okinawa

Address 8-6 Mihama, Chatan
Phone +81-98-921-7711
Guestroom capacity 280 guestrooms, 886 guests
Room&Rate Standard Twin Room: Single guest use from JPY 12,500, Two occupancy per guest from JPY 10,500
Distance about 7km
Remarks A variety of resort style activities are provided in the surrounding area including beaches, spas, shopping and dining with family, friends and pets together creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all.

Terrace Garden Mihama Resort

Address 2-5-18 Mihama, Chatan
Phone +81-98-926-1214
Guestroom capacity 14 guestrooms, 32 guests
Room&Rate Standard Twin Room: Single guest use from JPY 17,000, Two occupancy per guest from JPY 12,500
Distance about 7km

Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa

Address 9-22 Mihama, Chatan
Phone +81-98-926-1188
Guestroom capacity 161 guestrooms, 362 guests
Room&Rate Standard Twin Room per room from JPY 9,800
Distance about 7km
Remarks Opened in March 2012. Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa is only one minute from the Sunset Beach on foot. View from the obsevation bath at the 10th floor, you will observe a stunning view. Ideal for families, couples and groups.

Neighborhood Facilities

Ginowan City Tourism Association Information center of Ginowan City The biggest yacht harbor in the Okinawa Southwest Islands
Marilyn Ginowan General complex facility for sea of Ginowan Feel liberation of Urban Beach Resort
Citizen of the city, leading park.

Information for Truism and Hotel & Accomodations

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