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Exhibition Hall

Extensive, multi-function venues

This multipurpose hall is suitable for hosting a diverse range of MICE events, such as product fairs, exhibitions, major conventions, large receptions, concerts, and sporting events(basketball games, boxing matches, etc.). It has the capacity to hold up to 5,000 people or seat 1,200 at a buffet-style event. So as to accommodate a variety of events, loading access may be widened to W3.6m x H3.7m. The floor surface, which can handle a 10t vehicle, has 23 sub-surface power outlets available inside the arena area.

Both East and West Exits/Entrances, allow vehicles to pull directly in for easy access.

Movable chairs(672 Seats)

Organizer Lounge

The highly convenient arena accommodates various events.


Sports Event


ndustry Trade Show

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